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Detailed, Structured Preschool and Child Care

Unlike other child care centers, you will find small class sizes at The Bridges Child Care & Preschool. Preschool is free with our full day program. Both our full day preschool sessions and 2-hour preschool sessions are available year round. Our preschool program is based on the study of the alphabet. We have a puppet friend for each letter that has its very own phonics story, song, and letter-related object cards.

Each month, we only focus on three letters to master each letter in recognition, phonics, and handwriting. The activities our teachers plan for the month have titles that begin with the three letters and are based in our curriculum areas of literacy, arts / crafts, music / movement, story, science / cooking, and organized games. We emphasize the same three letters in an effective manner to assist children with literacy and pre-kindergarten readiness skills.

Full Time or Part Time Programs Available

Know that your child is being well cared for by our certified child care professionals.
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